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Who am I?

My name is Eoin Fitzgerald, and I’ve been actively involved in the FinTech space for the past 8 years (with another 6 years in banking).

Currently, I invest in early stage FinTech startups on behalf of a government investment agency and have done for the past 3+ years.

Previously, I worked in Deutsche Bank as a product manager for the Overdraft product in Global Transaction Banking. I was also part of the global FinTech working group in DB.

I spent approx. 2 years in Future Finance building out the underwriting engine to provide online loans to students in the UK and Germany.

I have also worked as an AVP in Barclays Corporate working with technology and manufacturing companies, as well as a stint in wealth management with one of the pillar banks in Ireland.

I also interview experts in the FinTech and other industries, investors, execs from top banks, and CEO's from some early stage startups on my podcast, MoneyNeverSleeps.

I also write the MoneyNeverSleeps weekly newsletter on general thoughts and learnings from startups and business.


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